So I updated my website.  YAY.  Its only taken two years for me to do it.

I got tired of porting over all my old blog posts.. I’ll get to it eventually… maybe.  TBH I have bigger fish  to fry than bringing over old content from my crappy little WIX site.  Sooo anyway.  Heres the new me.  I’ve changed my address (actually literally in so many ways, but I’ll get to that!)

You can now get the latest 411 on all things Willow Sanders at  you should bookmark that shit 😉

Or, sign up for my new fancy E-Newsletter.  It will be sporadic at best.  Mainly I’ll use it to let you know when you can sign up to win things, or when I’m going to be at an event, or when a new book comes out.

So– here’s the latest in bulleted form because… we all have ADD these days, don’t we.


  • New Website Address
  • New Physical Address
  • New Book (hopefully) releasing mid september…hopefully (it really depends on how much time my editor needs to edit it) well.. and it depends on when I finish the thing
  • Author events!

-Deep breath-

oookay. So I don’t live in Chicago anymore.  That’s pretty much the reason for the radio silence. Its been insanity over the last like nine ish months.  The hubs was living in one state I was living in Chicago trying to get everything ready for the move.. packing cleaning organizing getting rid of crap I didn’t even remember owning, painting, more painting, more painting still.

We finally moved, lived in corporate housing for a while–and let me tell you, I am beyond appreciative for the housing don’t get me wrong, but living in a tiny condo with two very large dogs= no bueno.  Especially when they aren’t used to living in a condo and miss their gigundo back yard. (there may or may not have been an incident with our 10-month-old dog and a leather couch…. the couch did not win… : (  )

So here I am.  Moved finally.  Trying to get into a routine because I need to finish the book I’m writing.  Legit.  Its been way too long.

I have a title.  I have a concept for a book cover.  I am like seven chapters from “the end”  — hopefully.

I am planning on buckling down and trying to get it wrapped up here in the next few weeks.  Then off to the editor and I’m hoping to have ARCs available in September sometime.

So.. dead horse=beaten… sign up for the mailing list!  You might get a chance to be a Beta!

Also!  I’m waiting for the grand announcement from the actual event page but legit can’t wait anymore.

I’m going to be doing an appearance at Phoenix Rising Author Event !

Its in mid september (hence the push to get the book done by then!)  at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel  

So, if you’re in the area and are bored on a Saturday and looking for something to do, come and say hi!


Okay. I think that’s it.  Well, honestly even if its not I’m putting a fork in it and calling it done.