Acacia Ashley has one love: the written word. Specifically the rich, earthy, prose of Mr. Ernest Hemingway. Her love for Hemingway goes so deep that she opened a bar in his honor. Every year in July she plays host to Hemingway Days in Candy Cane Key, and every year she has to stay on guard in case Edwin Wheeler decides once again to find a way to ruin the solemnity of the occasion.

Edwin Wheeler doesn’t care about books or old men, but the sea? The sea is where he spends his days in search of the almighty dollar. But when he grows bored of plying tourists with fruity drinks, he’s often found needling the resident bookworm, Acacia. She’s hated him ever since the incident five years ago. Why does getting a rise out of her give him a bit of a rise as well?

When the bell tolls signaling approaching stormy weather that threatens both of their businesses, the pair realizes a farewell to arms may be the best way to avoid a dangerous summer.

Missed Connections by Willow Sanders
With, Please by Willow Sanders
Thirst Trap by Willow Sanders

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Willow holds dual degrees in English and Literature (with an advanced focus in the British Romantics amd Feminist Theory) in addition to a Master’s in Human Communication. As a twenty-year, award-winning marketer, her areas of expertise are expansive. She’s worked for some of the largest radio stations in the industry, in addition to work in academia and the public sector. 

Reading With the Lights Off: Meet Author Willow Sanders

Reading With the Lights Off: Meet Author Willow Sanders

Join us for a special bonus episode of Reading With the Lights Off where we do a deep dive into feminism and romance novels. Willow Sanders is romance author and a scholar of literature and communication.  The mythical orgasm, puritans really messed us up, Charlotte...


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A marketer by day, and author by night, Willow Sanders is a best-selling author of sweet with heat Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. She loves to write spunky, take no shit women, and understanding men with a strong side of sarcasm and an extra helping of BDE.