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Thirst Trap by Willow Sanders

Thirst Trap

Lachlan Devereaux had exactly two hundred and eighteen days remaining to hit the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. With a new product line ready to launch and her steering the marketing team, she was certain this was the success she needed to receive the venerated recognition. What she hadn’t expected is what happened in Vegas not to stay in Vegas. Enter Beckett Murray—stage left.

Deck Pic

Deck Pic is a curvy heroine, modern-day pirate, instalove. Guaranteed safe with no cheating and no cliffhangers! Why not spend some time swabbing me deck!

Series: Have You Met The Murray Brothers?

It all started with Beckett Murray, the bad boy gold medal swimmer turned entrepreneur. When the Beckett Brothers are between your…pages… you’ll get swoony banter, heroines in every shape and size, and lots of workouts. Each of the Murray brother’s stories are romantic shorts, approximately 30k-40k (100-150 pages), certified safe with no cheating and no cliffhangers. Come get smitten by Beckett, Cash, Presley, and Harris!

Barren Hill

Join the fun up in hilI country. You’ll find charming–albeit reclusive–men, spunky women, and second chance romance that will certainly make you smile. In Barren Hill you’ll find broken heroes, curvy heroines, and all the sweetness to make you believe in second chances. The Barren Hill collection are contemporary romantic shorts averaging about 40k words (appx 180 pages).

Series: Extracurricular Academics

What’s so captivating about stuffy academics? Probably their big…brains. At these universities you’ll get more than cerebral professors with glasses and bowties, you’ll also get a side of mistaken idenity, some curvy heroines, and a little enemies to lovers. The Extracurricular Academics series are contemporary romantic shorts averaging about 30k words (100 pages).

The Royals

Series: Love On The Air

The Bear and Raven Morning Show never expected to land themselves in North Pole, New York. Join them on their journeys to find love in the most unexpected places! In North Pole, New York aside from a heaping serving of holiday cheer, you’ll find grumpy-sunshine tropes and second-chance romance! The Love on the Air Series is a complete set of contemporary romance shorts averaging about 30k words (appx 100 pages) each.

Series: Jefe Cartel

What is a notorious Colombian drug lord doing in Anywhere, USA? That is what Agent Benjamin Vaughn is trying to find out–if he can focus on his case and not his curvy neighbor with the sad story. The Jefe Duet is a complete romantic suspense series, full length novels appx 300 pages each.

Series: Dirty Little Secret

Who is the girl in the red soled shoe? A few drinks and suddenly Hillary Sloan is a YouTube sensation. While working for Chicago’s biggest radio station has its perks, there are definitely pitfalls too! Dirty Little Secret and Secrets of the Heart are steamy, New Adult romance novels appx 300 pages each.