OKAY.  So I know I said I was going to post these like IDK forever ago. But, well, life.  It happens.

So let’s talk Phoenix Rising Author event and how AMAZING it was.  Guys, I was literally in full panic attending this event.  Because there were ~authors~ there.



I know you’re probably either like “well, duh… you did say it was an “Author” event”  or you’re like “WTF— aren’t you an author?”

Yes.  To both.   But.. these are AUTHOR authors.  Like with stacks of books and drooling fans and Super Hero levels of greatness.  I had this whole narrative built up in my head like I’m not worthy to attend because little me (figurative me… I mean, I wish I was like a size two but that was a different blog at a different time of my life) anyway-  little me with my two books is joining the ranks of the big girls with like ten books.

I was overwhelmed.  And felt totally out of my league. But then I met Jessalyn Jameson. 

We bonded over the general awkwardness of meet and greets– and exchanged sassy comments (– okay, before I proofread this, there was a typo that said we exchanged “assy” comments… hilarious because it’s probably true– but Mr. Frued, the slip has been corrected) about throwing a bunch of writers (who tend to be relatively introverted), into a room full of people they don’t know, and ask them to be social.

It was awkward, but little old her with her two books (Three soon— that will have to be tomorrow’s post because I DO have an announcement about that) and me with mine —suddenly it was OKAY that we were little book writers next to the giants.  And the more we talked about our awkwardness, the more other people came and talked and we were all awkward together.

And, the more we talked with the BIG AUTHORS we realized, they’re just like us.  A bit introverted, but equally as sassy as we are.  Just, with a couple more books to hawk.

I realized that everyone that was in that room– the super successful to the moderately successful to those just starting out– we all have been in the same place.  In front of a computer screen, staring at words, wondering if what they wrote was even kind of good.

So, here’s to all the new friends I met.  We all belong to a club of semi awkward, introverted people who love words and use them to build the most magical thing of all— worlds.  Worlds where people can come and visit, and escape the every day for a few hours.

I can’t wait to see you all again soon. (More on that later too… that will be another, another post…. after tomorrow’s post about the fabulous Jessalyn Jameson)




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