My NaNo novel – also known as Ivy’s story, sits at about 35,000 words.  That means in 15,000 words I will “Win” nano.  However, I know how verbose I am, heck if you read Dirty Little Secret, than you know how verbose I am too (it was about 100K words).  There’s no doubt I’ll reach “the end” come the end of Nano, in so much as I know I’ll make the NaNo goal… but I wonder if I will make “THE END” of the story by that time.  Ivy keeps fighting me and I can’t figure out what the heck is going n with her story.  I wish I could sit her down in a flower circle and we could sing Kumbaya, but at the moment she’s all “whatever, I don’t have time for you”   I long for that point in writing where your thoughts move faster than your fingers can type, and you just let go and fly.  And I can’t seem to reach that point with her yet.  I hope it comes soon… its starting to concern me.  🙁