So… it’s almost the middle of November.  I have 33,202 words of Ivy’s story actually written out.  About twenty five million more to write.  No, its actually not that many, probably about seventy thousand or so if I can judge the level of my verbosity (is that a word? meh, whatever) based on Hillary’s story.
I’m kind of surprised at where Ivy’s story has taken me.  I always knew that she had some depth to her, I mean everyone has good and bad to them, even characters, even supplementary characters,  so when she knocked on my brain and wanted her story written I figured what the heck.  Now though, as I write, and as this book takes turns that have honestly surprised me, I can only hope that the handful of readers who aren’t related to me, friends of mine, or know me in any way, will appreciate Ivy’s journey, even if its an unexpected one.